Friday, 26 August 2011

The London O2 - Batman Live Arena Tour

Welcome back to Access London and thank you once again for your continued support for disability access and awareness in the Capital.

Today's post is dedicated to Batman Live! - a spectacular, stunt-filled extravaganza that has been hitting arenas around the UK. It is currently at the O2 Arena in London until the 4th September 2011.

The show features all the major characters from the famous comic book series including: The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Scarecrow, Two-Face, Lt Gordon, Robin and of course Batman himself, aka Bruce Wayne. Joining them on the stage are some really impressive set pieces that include, Gotham City, The Batmobile and even a hot air balloon!

Following the story of the loss of Robin's parents at the circus they worked at and the subsequent friendship between him and Batman, the story includes as many highlights as is possible in a 2 hour show. Although, in my opinion, it isn't really the story that is the reason to see this show but the amazing acrobatics and stunt work that is involved from beginning to end.

The screen that is used as the backdrop to the set is also very impressive and spectacularly used throughout - allowing the audience to be transported from the streets of Gotham city to the depths of the Batcave to the circus and asylum in a good old fashioned comic book fashion.

The show is running at The O2 Arena in London until the 4th September when it then moves onto Liverpool, Nottingham, Dublin and Belfast. The O2 has a dedicated Access Booking Line that can be used to book all events at the Arena. To book Access tickets for Batman Live, please call: 020 8463 3359. For all other ticket enquiries, please call: 020 8463 2000 or BOOK ONLINE

There is plenty of car parking available at The O2 and for disabled parking, you can book a dedicated disabled bay when you book your event tickets, just ask for details. From the car park's disabled bays, you need to cross a small O2 internal road and then it is a short journey to the entrance.

We found all the staff to be very helpful with wheelchair and scooter users and happy to help. There are dedicated wheelchair areas in Block 101 at the Arena, right next to the stage, so you have fantastic, close-up views of the show. When you book a wheelchair or scooter ticket, you are actually reserving a space in this area and not a specific location, so you will not receive a seat number, although the whole section is in clear view of the stage anyway. There are two ramps to access this area and event staff are always nearby throughout the show if you need any help.

Photographs can be taken throughout the show but, PLEASE TURN THE FLASH OFF AS THIS IS VERY OFF-PUTTING FOR THE CAST, especially when they are performing stunts.

All in all, an enjoyable night out for kids of all ages!!

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