Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Phantom of the Opera & Her Majesty's Theatre - Part 3

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Today sees Access London's final post in its series on Phantom of the Opera. To read more about the show, the access to Her Majesty's Theatre and an interview with the Phantom himself, John Owen Jones, please see out previous posts.

Access London recently had the privilege of interviewing Sofia Escobar who is currently playing Christine Daae in Phantom at Her Majesty's.

Sofia, who was born in Portugal, has played Maria in West Side Story and also performed as Christine as part of the 10,000th performance of Phantom at Her Majesty's.

AL: London is home to actors of many nationalities. Why did you choose London in particular to come and study and perform?
SE: I chose London because of its diversity, its rich cultural life and also because of the reputation of the school I went to, Guildhall School of Music and Dance.

AL: Christine Daae is one (if not the) biggest female roles in musical theatre. What most attracted you to the role?
SE: Christine really is a dream come true for an aspiring musical theatre performer. In my case it's one of the most complete roles: it combines everything to a very high standard - the wonderful music, the dancing and the acting, supported by an amazing script makes Phantom of the Opera the success that it is, running for almost 25 years.

AL: What did it mean to you being part of Phantom's 10,000th performance?
SE: It was surreal to be onstage with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Crawford. It was a moment I'll cherish for the rest of my life. It was unbelieveable and a real honour to have been part of it.

AL: Which scene or song is your favourite to perform in Phantom?
SE: It's hard to say because they are all so beautiful but having to choose one I'd pick 'Wishing' because of the intensity of those words, anyone who has ever lost someone will know exactly what I mean.

AL: If you could choose any other role to play in musical theatre, what would it be?
SE: There are a number of parts I'd still love to play in my career. I really can't choose just one!

AL: How do you prepare yourself before a show?
SE: I usually arrive to my dressing room very early. I like having time to prepare. I do my make-up and hair and start warming up my body with stretching exercises and then vocal warm up. I also like to have time to really focus on the part.

Access London would like to offer a huge Thank You to Sofia for taking the time to talk to us. We hope you enjoyed hearing what she had to say as much as we did.

Phantom of the Opera is a 'Phantastic' night out and Access London would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the whole cast and crew at Her Majesty's for all their hard work and also to all of the front of house staff who are some of the friendliest and helpful in the West End. To book tickets, please call: 0844 412 4653. To book access tickets, please call: 0844 412 4648.

Access London will be posting about the amazing sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, very soon.

In the meantime, please feel free to leave a comment and to follow the blog, there is lots more to come!

COMING SOON: The National Gallery, The 39 Steps, Love Never Dies, The Rainforest Cafe

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